Dom Vivimus Vivamus. Peace!
8/25/2017 1:13:43 PM
How do we really live in peace, in spite of what might be going on in our lives?

Dom Vivimus Vivamus.  One more piece on peace.
seems we all need to grab onto peace ... i have heard from so many of you.  thank you.
Most of my family did not know she was gravely ill; that is the way she wanted it.  Once she mentioned it, she was gone in three short weeks.  I attended my cousin's memorial service in Tahoe on Sunday, from her favorite vantage point of North lake. 
Twenty-six people-random artsy types-from mostly the Kings Beach area, got up to talk about how Patty had impacted them.  To a person, each mentioned her laughter, but collectively, they also mentioned
            -how she loved unconditionally and well
              -that she never knew a stranger
                -that she was a great listener
                   -that she really loved Jesus
                     -that she loved life!
                       -that even when she had nothing, she didn't complain
                         -that she used her art to build bridges with folks
                            from ceramics to painting to sewing to doll repair!
                           -that she always had a word of encouragement
                             yes, I took notes on what was said; it was impactful.
While on the airplane, I read a long Vanity Fair article, which concluded with the Latin quote above: Dum Vivimus Vivamus -  "While we live, let us live."1  That is a great mantra.
how to live while we live?
       . . . how to wring every ounce of joy from this
                  gift of life we've been given.
                       And how in the world to stay 'in joy' when life is pressing us hard.
I flew into Reno late Saturday and drove over to the Lake to stay in a tiny rustic old cottage, which afforded me the opportunity to seek out a place of worship for the Sabbath.  My Sunday morning drive around to Tahoe City was straight out of a scenic guide, with the blue water sparkling like diamonds in the sunshine.  The number of worshippers was small-really small, but so great-and had all that was needful:  the Word, music to worship and a few folks with whom to gather.  The old preacher lost his place a few times, but no one cared; he was precious. He referenced a verse I had not read in years from 3 John-that is the third letter of John.  Pay attention now as John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, speaks directly to his friend with this thought:  
Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health
        and that all may go well with you,
              even as your soul is getting along well.2
Since all Scripture was inspired by God, this means quite clearly that these things matter to our God.  Listening intently, I kept batting these notions back and forth-
John wished his friend
            Good health, that 
                All go well
                   As his soul gets along well.
So, of late, I don't know that all has gone necessarily well in my life, and honestly, that has affected my health - but in the Lord, my soul is well.  Honest Engine.
Someone very dear to me said, "God sure thinks you can handle a lot...that you are really being tested?!"  I thought for a moment, but then responded, "No, I do not think God is testing me, I just think this is life-a little more of it than usual.  And honestly, my faith is not at risk.  I trust God, I do not doubt that he is in control and that his heart is good--my faith has not wavered one iota." I truly believe what Paul wrote, 
God causes everything to work together
for the good of those who love God
and are called according to his purpose for them.3
For good health, all to go well, and feeding my soul, I have chosen to do some things with intention.  
>Exercising - "my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is within me, whom I have from God. I am not my own; I was bought with a price. So I will glorify God in my body."4
>Doing some other things that I have some modicum of control: planting in my garden, [cooperating with God in creation] - 
>Training my mind to think God's thoughts, setting my mind on things above,5
>Filling my bird feeders, inviting birdsong,  In the trees nearby, the birds make their nests and sing.6
>and painting polka dots on my toenails.  (of course, nothing scriptural about that, but it is one thing I can control, while so few other things!)
Dom Vivimus Vivamus - let us live while we live!  
And - not somehow, but victoriously!
1 - Vanity Fair, September 2018, "Harvard's Snooty Civil War."
2 - 3 John 2
3 - Romans 8.28
4 - 1 Corinthians 6.19-20, personalized
5 - Colossians 3.2
6 - Psalm 104.12