6/13/2018 12:00:09 PM
Glimpses of grace are everywhere - big things, little things . . . life.

two armfuls of chubby 
grand babies in wake forest, north carolina
whilst in town, stopping my car for a family of geese to cross the street!
but then a week ago, through the perspective of two stout palm trees, observing my favorite women in the world, indulging in a Time of Serenity at Capistrano Beach.  I prepared 'prompts' on parchment paper which led them through a quiet time of scripture meditation, prayer, listening-to-God prayer walk and sharing a poet's lunch.   
I invite them into my garden with freshly-filled feeders and delight in their presence daily . . . hummingbirds.  
Each pictures a glimpse of grace.  I knew it when I spied it, knew it when I felt it, even if I didn't form words.  Something settled within my spirit.
Grace ~ Cuddling the babies. . . identical twin sons of my daughter, Amy - now 5 ½ months old, gifts of the grace of a good God.  
~Driving away from the mall midday, a mother goosestrikes out to cross four lanes of traffic with her brood in tow, the gander bringing up the rear.  Mother Nature? Indeed, God's creation stopping traffic; I hold my breath, smiling deep inside my soul.  
~Stopping what they are doing to come to the beach for two hours to commune with God on a weekday morning . . . yes!  People who want to hear from God, those who have been o'ertaken by his grace.  
~Creating a safe space for a tiny, delicate hummingbird to perchand rest his ever-in motion wings a moment . . . the grace of brief experiences, awareness of the touch of the divine.
What does grace look like in everyday life?  Depends on one's perspective, I suppose.
These lyrics are a good start:
"It's the light that pierces through you to the darkest hidden place
It knows your deepest secrets but it never looks away
It's the gentle hand that pulls you from the judgment of the crowd
When you stand before them guilty and you've got no way out...
Some may call it foolish and impossible but for every heart it rescues it's a miracle
It's nothing less than scandalous, this love that took our place
Just call it what it is . . . call it grace 
It's the breath that's breathing new life into what we thought was dead
It's the favor that takes orphans, placing crowns upon their heads..." from Unspoken's song, "Call it Grace," the link which follows, or if you're listening, will be on this podcast.
The song continues,  "It's the hope for our tomorrows, the rock on which we stand
It's a strong and mighty fortress even hell can't stand against..."
Grace, if it is really grace, comes from God.  It is the most simple and complete definition of God in a word.  God = Grace. From him, we have future grace; I mean, we cannot do anything about not having it in the past, about not giving it to others in the past . . . but we sure can grab a hold of it, study and cherish it, and walk in grace for this day, tomorrow, and our forever futures.  
The song concludes with "It's nothing less than scandalous, that Jesus took our place ...Oh, call it was it is, just call it what it is . . . call it grace."  Yeah, that's it-the ultimate glimpse of grace "For it is by grace you have been saved by faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God". . . Jesus!
Here's Unspoken: