7/23/2018 1:20:39 AM
healthful, en vogue - organic this organic thing is the best

Organic.     [its summer...keeping it short, keeping it real]
Organic is in.  
Want to be healthy? Buy organic fruits and vegetables.  
Want your milk to be unadulterated?  Get milk from cows fed only organic grains.
Best eggs for your omelets and homemade brownies?  From chickens fed only organic scratch and allowed to free range.  
Advertisers have kinda taken the original meaning of the word and popularized it to mean 'grown without harmful chemicals applied', but that misses something powerful.  Take a look:
     organic | ôr'ganik | adjective:          relating to or derived from living matter
relating to a bodily organdenoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole~ characterized by growth (my underlining)
So in thinking about it, I should like to superimpose the 'divine' on that definition.    
        The Word of God is ALIVE (living matter)                                 flowing from a LIVING GOD (organ)                                           with all of its PARTS FIT TOGETHER (parts of a  whole)                suitable for GROWTH 
             to the person who ingests it.
Truly, of all of the books I have read, highlighted, argued with in the margins of the page, shared with other people, written about, found valuable enough to purchase and give away, gone back and reread ...
         the precious Word of God stands alone.
What is it good for?1  Just about everything. Let the Bible explain itself
"All Scripture is inspired by God and 
    is useful to teach us what is true and 
      to make us realize what is wrong in our lives.
         It corrects us when we are wrong and 
           teaches us to do what is right."2
And further, 
             "God uses it to prepare and equip
                   his people to do every good work."3
In a time when so much we read causes us to question; when previously reliable sources are not so much ... Scripture is true and it is reliable.  
Here's a little proverb which is true, shows us the right thing to do and is succinctly stated:                                                                   A gentle answer turns away anger,
              but a harsh word stirs up wrath.
Let's you and I be a little slower to speak, retort or give our opinions and instead, be intentional in choosing to be gentle with our words, whadaya' say?
And then . . . like Kellogg's organic amendment, we just might make the atmosphere around us sweeter as Jesus followers are meant to do.
1 - that was a lyric from a popular 1970 song that is running through my mind, so while I know it is not correct grammar, let it go ... 
2 - 2 Timothy 3.16, NLT
3 - 2 Timothy 3.17, NLT
4 - Proverbs 15.1, CSB