Then there were two . . . hummingbirds and Imago Dei.
9/23/2018 9:32:56 PM
caring about these tiny creatures

Then there were two...hummingbirds and Imago Dei.
Imago Dei - the image of God.  That's how God decided we would be created-in his image, and so it was. That plan at the start of all things human is significant to you, to me, wherever we find ourselves in the world, however old or young we are, no matter our wealth, race, gender, education, whatever!  
Allow me a segue.  A couple weeks ago, I walked into the front room of my home which has a ridiculously high ceiling, and accordingly some high windows as well.  Upon entering, I heard a buzz and thought some annoying insect was in one of the sills... that was until I stopped, took the time to step a little closer, and consider the true source of the buzz - a trapped hummingbird. "Danny, Danny, come down here," I called to my son.  "Help me get this little bird!"  Everyone who knows me very well knows I love birds and hummingbirds in particular.1
Danny devised a plan - to climb up, carefully guide the bird into a bowl, cover it, long enough to walk to the backyard and release it. That worked perfectly, but I had to hold it.  His colors were magnificently varied, and I marveled that no detail had been spared. 
Walking outside, I extended my tiny friend toward one of the feeders in the garden and off he flew.  And then the other day, I had to climb to the top of a ladder twice to catch first one and the another little hummer in my hands and release them outside. Two glorious little creatures... and as I type this morning, I can hear them frittering about outside.
God spared nothing in creating animal life, and we are the enjoyers and spectators of all.  But human beings he made in his image- with not just a spirited personality, like hummingbirds, but in total - heart, soul and mind to add to a body.  Human beings God created with the purpose of
Enjoying him and glorifying him forever!2
Yesterday morning in Pt. Loma, California, I heard a message out of Matthew chapter 10, in which Jesus admonishes his disciples, just as he tells you and me,
'Do not be afraid!'3
And then Jesus says this remarkable thing,
Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? 
Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.4
Understand that in first century Israel when Jesus was talking to the disciples, two sparrows sold for one penny.  Hmmm, so they did not have much monetary value ... and yet--Jesus is saying--God knows when one falls to the ground. (just as I concerned myself with the tiny hummingbirds in my living room window)
Jesus continues about our worth ... 
And even the hairs of your head are all counted. 
So do not be afraid; you are of more value than many sparrows.5
Imago Dei.  Made in his own image, God cares about every detail of who you are, Friend.  This has great significance for life, great significance for living every day with intention and purpose.  
Back to my magical hummingbird friends.  I have designed a garden to invite them and nourish them with flowering plants and homemade liquid nectar as well.  Why?
That's simple.  Watching the athletic little guys brings me joy.
I guess you could say I take great delight in hummingbirds.
But that is nothing to the great delight God takes in you!  
The Word says it this way, For the Lord your God is with you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness.  With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with singing.6  
Just as the our Creator artfully painted the wings and throats of the hummingbirds and gifted them with unique flight habits, he designed you, sparing no detail or artistry, knitting you together in your mother's womb, but also imprinting you with the divine.
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