"She is a Bible teacher. She is inspirational. She is humorous. She has such depth of God's Word. She is an amazing young woman.."
—Emilie Barnes Author, Speaker, Founder More Hours in My Day Ministries

"I have known Christine for over 10 years and have always been impressed by her speaking ability, how dynamic she is in her delivery. When I know that she is speaking, I can be rest assured that I will be informed, challenged, and interested in what will be said. Such a confident, bright personality. I would be privileged to have her on my team."
—Pastor George Wakeling, CEO, Circle of Concern

I have been receiving her morning devotions for over 8 months now, and have been blessed with her knowledge, passion and dedication to the Lord. I look forward to her devotion as it is directed at every day circumstances and how we can become a better person through simple steps. Last nights devotion on Contentment hit home in a big way. All of her messages are easy to read and applicable to daily life experiences.

She has been given a gift that should be shared with every man, woman or child who wants to better themselves and help them become close to Jesus.

I have been able to apply these notes to my day to day business model and share my position with the 70 managers who worked for me. This coupled with having a safety net at home when everything is not going as planned but knowing that the notes, ministry and the fellowship gained through her ministry has changed my outlook completely.

I highly recommend Christine's ministry to anyone who has a pulse.

Brian Cameron
White Knight Distribution LLC

A note from a faithful reader of Morning Briefings


Hi! Thank you so much for the Bible studies you do each day. They have helped me during my dark time more than I can tell you. Thankfully the results of the mass they removed were benign. however, I am more thankful for what I have learned about Jesus, how my view of Him has changed and how much I have felt His presence in my life over these last five or six weeks - actually over this last year. It's been a big year. A hard year. but probably the most wonderful year of my life. I have printed out many of your bible studies and pasted them in my journal. I have read them and read them again. joshua 1:9 is what i clung to when the fear would creep in. thank you for your commitment. I look foward to meeting you in person one day.

May God continue to bless you and keep you.
Tracy Page

I am involved in both her Downtown Prayer Group and also receive her Morning Briefings. I have been mentored by Christine for a little over a year now and have very much enjoyed it. I have called myself a Christian for most of my 48 years now and can truly say that before my wife and I began to study with Christine, my faith hadn't truly blossomed. She has not only changed my perspective on what it means to be a Christian, she has guided me to enjoy the journey of my faith.
Troy Sells, San Clemente businessman 

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